Steve Neale

Geek warning

This section is intended to be useful to me to remember how I fixed certain things as well as to be a useful resource to my fellow web developing peers.


I program in classic ASP. I prefer to aspire to be a master of one language than someone who picks up the 'next big thing' or fad. Despite rumours and scaremongering, classic ASP will be around for many many decades to come!


So what's all this about then? Well us developers have to code for a multitude of platforms and browsers.


I currently test on these platforms/devices:

-Windows 7


-Blackberry mobile


....and these browsers:

-IE9 (I no longer provide support for IE7 or IE8)





Because of the fact each is different, something that works on one browser invariably doesn't work the same on another browser, or even different versions of the same browser!


IE used to be the whipping boy as it flouted many standards but all of them now have their own little ways and other problems. Chrome crashes, firefox is just overrated and insecure, ipads are a law unto's not much fun!

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